Access and manage all your cloud files in a one place

Easily connect all your accounts from different clouds in a single unified storage. Transfer your files between clouds or accounts. Organize your drive structure for better searching and discovering files.

Store cloud storage files from different clouds in one folder

Unify managing your files across different clouds

Consolidate your files in our service. Organize your files in multi-cloud folders. In other words, put your files from many clouds into one cross-cloud folder for better file organization.

Store cloud storage files from different clouds in one folder
Copy or move files between different cloud storage vendors

Transfer files from one cloud drive to another

Copy or move files between different clouds or accounts with a single click. Save your bandwidth and let our service do the job!

Get additional cloud storage by combining accounts from different providers

Extend your cloud storage beyond limits using multiple accounts

Add more accounts from the same cloud or add accounts from other clouds in order to extend your storage

Get additional cloud storage by combining accounts from different providers
Find files in multiple cloud storage at once

Find your files in multiple clouds using search

Do not waste your time searching one by one anymore. Check out our powerful multi-cloud search.

General Questions

Think about UnifiDrive like on the gateway to many of your cloud storage accounts from different or the same cloud drives. This platform would be the single bridge to all of your data and will allow you to automate managing your files.

UnifiDrive provides high-security standards. The application uses encryption in communication with your browser and with your cloud storage provider servers. We supply full transparency in what we do. All background operations made by the application can be checked. We do not store any of your file content. For performance reasons, file metadata can be stored in our database like filename, the path to file, timestamps, hashes, etc.

Click on any of the "Sign up" buttons. Then, you can create an account by login into the application via Google Account or Microsoft Account or via your email address. Then you will be asked to grant access to your profile. If you confirm granting access and agree to terms and conditions your account will be created.

We created several how-tos videos about every available feature and how to configure your account. You can check our videos by clicking HERE.

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