January 2022 Platform Updates

🚀New features:

  1. Improved performance and stability of transfers. Copying should be faster for larger files.
  2. It’s possible to open drives from the left storages menu or integrations page, just by clicking on them.
  3. Detailed information about transfer failure is shown in transfer details e.g: insufficient disk space, invalid filename or folder name, etc.
  4. Detecting files and folders with the same name in Google Drive thus marking them as conflicted.

⭐Coming soon:

  1. Converting virtual files like Google Drive documents to convertible format during transfer or downloading such a file.
  2. Integrating with business drives for current providers.

🐞Fixed issues:

  1. Not showing transfer duration.
  2. Error during the creation of an empty file in Dropbox.
  3. Creating duplicated files in some scenarios.

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