December 2023 Platform Updates

🚀New features:

  1. Performance improvements on Transfers Page. The page should load fast.
  2. Improvements for Retry button on Transfer Details Page. The button is greyed out and blocked when retrying file transfer or folder creation.
  3. Canceling a transfer should be several times faster than before.

⭐Coming soon:

  1. Option to remove a file in the source drive right after it has been copied during move transfer
  2. Option to ignore duplicate files in Google Drive
  3. New integration

🐞Fixed issues:

  1. Showing tooltips for long file names
  2. Converted files like Google Sheets have extensions added to the filenames
  3. The clear message that OneDrive for Business integrations supports Sharepoint as well
  4. Deselecting items on Files page when the page was switched to another
  5. A removed scroll that was hiding the filename validation message during repairing failed file transfer

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