How to immediately move files

Discover a streamlined way to relocate your files swiftly. Our new option enables the immediate movement of files to your designated drive, eliminating the need to wait for the entire transfer process to conclude. This feature can be useful if you encountering difficulties moving some files or for a large amount of files to move. In such cases, problematic files can be manually repaired or relocated.

Selected folder in OneDrive to move

Begin by choosing target drive and then target folder. Once you’ve reached the transfer options find the new option conveniently located at the bottom of the interface.

The new option is displayed on the transfer options

Use the last dropdown to configure the source files’ removal behavior. Click on it to reveal a range of options.

The new option is selected

Choose the “Immediately after the file is successfully copied” option to remove the copied file right away after copying. Confirm the settings and initiate a new transfer.

The selected option is displayed on the transfer details page

As the transfer is in progress, witness the immediate removal of all copied files. Folders, on the other hand, will be removed after all files have been successfully moved.

Files were removed but folders will be removed after file transfer completion

In essence, this process ensures the swift and efficient removal of all files and folders from the source drive, optimizing your file management experience.

Files were successfully moved to Dropbox drive from OneDrive

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