How to Move OneNote Notebook to Another Drive

If you want to move your OneNote notebook to a different account, then look no further! You can do this using UnifiDrive. If you need to move your notebook to OneDrive for Business or Sharepoint, then OneNote for Office365 may be necessary for importing.

Prepare to Transfer the OneNote File
  1. Firstly, select your OneNote notebook file in UnifiDrive:
The notebook file is selected

2. Then, click the “Move” button and select your target drive. In this example, we will move the notebook to another OneDrive for Business account.

Moving the notebook file from Primary drive to Secondary drive. Both are OneDrive for Business

3. Next, click the “Move here” button and then select the “View” button.

Information about moving a notebook

4. After starting the transfer, you can notice that the transfer is in “Running” or “Waiting” status.

Running transfer with the notebook file
Resolve a Warning

5. After waiting, you can see that transfer is completed. However, you may also notice a warning. This warning indicates that you have to manually do something. Detailed information about which files caused a warning will be shown below on this page.

Transfer is completed

6. Scroll down until you see all file operations. There, you can see that more files were created. Moving OneNote files causes a number of files to appear. Basically, all of these files represent your OneNote notebook. If you are wondering what the “onetoc2” or “one” files are, please visit or respectively.

The “My notebook” file has a warning because the content of the OneNote notebook was exported to a different format.

7. In the target drive, we can see a folder instead of a selected notebook file. This is because your notebook’s content is exported across multiple files.

The notebook file was exported as a folder in the target drive

8. Thus, this folder contains your OneNote notebook structure as many files.

Exported notebook as many files

9. If you wish to have your OneNote notebook in OneDrive for Business, then you must download all files and open a file with the “onetoc2” extension. This will cause your OneNote to be imported on your computer.

Alternatively, if you wish to import your notebook to your personal OneNote, then go to and select your exported OneNote folder. This is the folder that contains your exported OneNote files (in this example, it would be titled “My notebook”). Please visit this link for more detailed instructions on importing OneNote files to your personal drive:

If you wish to move your notebook to Google Drive or any other drive which is not OneDrive, then you must use OneNote for Office365. Saving notebook files to a different drive can be treated as a backup; you can still import them back to your OneDrive.

Remove the Remaining Sources

10. The last step is manually removing the source files. The application doesn’t automatically remove source files, in case you couldn’t import these files for any reason.

The notebook file in the source drive is selected again
Information after clicking the “Trash” button
The source file is removed

While importing OneNote notebooks is more complicated than plain files, we hope that this tutorial made the process clearer. If you encounter any issues, please contact

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