March 2022 Platform Updates

🚀New features:

  1. Exporting special Google Drive, Dropbox, and Onedrive files (like Google documents, OneNote notebook, Dropbox Paper) to a common format of the target drive. You can notice that any exported file to a different format has appropriate information why that happened. You can find below tutorial articles about How to Move OneNote Notebook to Another Drive and How to Move Google Documents to Another Drive
  2. Showing information about too large a transfer to process.

⭐Coming soon:

  1. Integrating with business drives for current providers.

🐞Fixed issues:

  1. Copying across drives specific types of images in OneDrive which were saved by mobile device.
  2. Performance issues caused by selected hundreds of files to copy.
  3. Slow showing information about the transfer.
  4. Showing “My Drive” folder instead of uploaded file for Google Drive.

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