September 2023 Platform Updates

🚀New features:

  1. Retrying failed transfers. More information can be found here
  2. Transfer conflict-resolving options that enable auto-merging folders and replacing existing files. More information can be found here
  3. The increased page size of operations on the transfer details page

⭐Coming soon:

  1. Option to remove a file right after it has been copied during move transfer
  2. Performance improvements

🐞Fixed issues:

  1. Error during searching in Dropbox drive
  2. Handled insufficient permission error from Google Drive
  3. Failed file or folder transfers with not found reason in Dropbox when file or folder is still available
  4. Addressed too-long path issue in OneDrive
  5. Handled problem with creating empty files in OneDrive with % character
  6. Timeouts during copying files from Sharepoint
  7. Handled Google Drive download quota limits
  8. Nonrefreshing shared drives in Google Drive and Sharepoint which caused an error

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