How to merge the whole folder structures and replace existing files using transfer options

One frequent challenge users often face is efficiently copying their files within an existing folder hierarchy. Suppose you wish to transfer files from OneDrive to Google Drive while maintaining a similar folder arrangement. To merge folders between clouds users can use the cloud transfers feature.

The scenario of copying files and folders from OneDrive to an existing folder in Google Drive

Begin by selecting the specific files and folders you intend to copy or move between your cloud drives.

Selected files and folders to copy into OneDrive storage

Click on the “Copy” or “Move” button to initiate the transfer process. Next, navigate to your destination folder and click “Copy here.”

Opened destination folder in Google Drive

Upon clicking the “Copy” button, you’ll be presented with transfer options that can streamline the process.

Default transfer options

If you wish to maintain existing folders on the target drive, you can leave the default “Merge” option selected. Alternatively, the “Manual” option prompts you to make decisions for each folder manually. The “Skip” option, when enabled, ignores entire folder contents if a similarly named folder exists on the target drive.

Different options for handling folder names conflicts

Opt for the “Replace” option if you want to overwrite all existing files. The default choice empowers you to decide on file actions later, marking them as conflicted. Any conflicted file or folder can be resolved using the “Repair” button. Learn more about resolving conflicts at our guide on How To Fix and Retry Failed Transfer .

Possible options for handling file conflicts

Once you’ve selected the “Replace Files” option, hit “Copy” to kick-start the transfer.

Prepared transfer with merging folders and replacing existing files options

While the transfer is underway, monitor its status. The chosen transfer options will be clearly visible on the details page.

Newly created transfer between cloud drives

After some time, the transfer will be successfully completed.

Completed transfer between cloud storages

Upon completion, the transferred files will seamlessly integrate into the new structure. Feel free to explore the updated arrangement in the image below.

Drive structure after the transfer has been completed

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